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Environmental Driven Solutions (EDS) is based in Kildeere, North Dakota. They run 7 hydro-vacs and 10 water tankers to serve the oil companies of the region. EDS operates 24/7, every day of the year, providing the tools and water the oil companies need to do their jobs.


Zac Griffin, Operations Manager of EDS, says that the company is always looking for ways to streamline and save money. But they never dreamed they’d find a solution that would save them so much money. “Dispatch and geo-locating from OmniDispatch is absolutely critical to every-thing we do,” Griffin says. “I look back and I honestly wonder how we managed truck locations, invoicing, and payroll without OmniDispatch.”  Read the full Case Study

Purity Oilfield Services LLC strives to be the premier service company in the oilfield. That goal is being met as employees focus on providing the best efficient service and attention to detail for all clients. As stated in the company’s mission statement, “With integrity as our guide, we will decisively and aggressively exceed our customers’ expectations.”


The bottom line, is simple: “Omni Dispatch helps us make more money and utilize the talent we have within our employee base.” -Steve Atwell Director of Operations
Purity Oilfield Services is based in Dallas, Texas. The regional office is in Williston, North Dakota.  Read the full Case Study

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Fort Berthold Services (FBS) is a trucking company based in the oil fields of North Dakota. The company owns and operates 80 tanker trucks used primarily to haul freshwater for fracking. They also contract an additional 60-100 trucks. The tankers run 24/7 hauling freshwater into the oil fields and byproducts from wells out. With oil companies, contractors, drivers, and the constancy of the oil fields, the operation is extraordinarily complex.

Read the full Case Study 

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